• Domain Management

    Consolidate and control

    Register domains in any Country for the lowest possible price available. Our state of the art, modern, user friendly management system is the best in the world.

  • Domainvault

    The only app you need!

    We designed and built the perfect app for registering and managing your domain portfolio. You can access Domainvault via PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet devices.

  • Domainvault Skyview

    One click management!

    Skyview is a unique version of Domainvault that allows our customers to manage tens of thousands of domains with a single click. See it to believe it!

  • iPricing

    Intelligent pricing!

    Our unique iPricing system scans our approved Global network of domain name providers in real-time and offers our customers the lowest price possible.

  • Meet SAM

    Service API Manager

    Our HTTP API empowers our customers to manage their domain portfolios within their own web sites, apps and systems. SAM is secure and platform independent. Fully documented with call and formatted response examples in both json and xml. It’s the perfect tool for domain resellers who want to sell domains via their own web sites.

Scan & Order

Bulk domain check and registration

Domainvault’s Search and Order system empowers our clients to conveniently check hundreds of domain names at once. Our flagship Global domain name registration and management app is the most advanced domain consolidation app available. It's the perfect tool for international corporate clients who manage thousands of domain names Worldwide.
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Global Domain Registration

International domain name management
Registering domains within different countries is a time consuming, segmented experience. Domainscanners alleviates the usual headaches associated with multi international domain name registrations and administration by providing a single, modern, cross-platform app that makes registering and managing your corporate domain portfolio a breeze. Unlimited domains can be registered and managed through a well thought out, user friendly interface. Built in tools give multi-national companies everything required to successfully manage their Global domain names. Single administrators can securely manage an entire companies domain acquisitions or multiple domain admins can be created and assigned to divisions within your account, all in real time through our client app. Domains can be categorised, filtered, searched and browsed in seconds. SkyView provides our clients with a unique arial view of their domains like no other. Literally ten's of thousands of domains can be sorted, filtered, found and managed through a single screen in seconds. It really has to be seen to be believed!.
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The perfect tool for corporate domain management
Our flagship system for managing corporate domain portfolios is Domainvault. Designed to cater for large domain portfolios but equally suited for small businesses or individuals with just a handful of domains, Domainvault is by far the World’s most advanced, yet user friendly and efficient tool for registering and managing your international domains. It’s easy to use, cross platform and secure. Nothing else like it exist’s. Domainvault’s unique SkyView tool allows thousands of domains to be managed with a single click!
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Our Services

  • Domain Registration

    We can usually register any available domain name in any territory. Our advanced automated system first checks that your sought after domain is available and then goes the extra mile and scans a Global network of approved providers delivering the best possible price for your...
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  • Domain Management

    Domain management can be daunting if you have domains registered covering different territories. You may use different domain registrars located in different countries. Domainscanners offer a free management app which we call Domainvault that is ideal for registering and managing your consolidated domain portfolio. Domainvault...
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  • Web Site Design

    Web Sites Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Sites Our custom designed fixed fee Web Sites are created in-house. Ideal for small startup companies that want a quick, professional, fully maintainable web site with minimum fuss. We can usually turn around new sites within 2 – 3...
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  • Business Apps

    We build universal native business apps for iOS and Windows which run across all form factors. Our developers also design, build and deliver web based apps and soloutions. Our workflow can integrate tightly with existing projects or we can initiate and project manage Greenfield projects....
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